Thursday, October 14, 2010


Blessings, Darlings!

This losing-weight/getting fit program I'm on is a solo program - the rest of the family isn't coming on this roller coaster with me.  Which has good and bad points.

Bad, of course, is that they want, and are getting, normal meals.  Tonight's dinner was served with puff pastry for them, but brown rice for me.  I made the brown rice in bulk a few days ago, so nuking some wasn't a big deal. My son is still bringing home the fried chicken lunches he doesn't eat, as we're having that for dinner once a week.  I eat mine minus the skin and breading.  And it KILLS me to take the skin and breading off and throw it away!

On the other hand, I'm Druish - Druid of Jewish Origins.  So I'm making the most of the Martyr Points I get for letting them not change their eating habits while I change mine.  I also get oodles of Self Righteousness Points and Smugness Points.  I hug those points to myself as I have fruit for dessert.

Actually, I AM slowing moving their diets in 'my' direction.  For example, we had pasta last night.  I had whole wheat, they had regular white semolina based.  But both TASTED mine, and agreed it was perfectly adequate.  Which is an improvement - in the pasta, not their taste buds.  Whole wheat pasta used to taste overly sweet and didn't have anywhere NEAR the same mouth-feel as regular pasta, but now the taste and mouth feel is almost the same as the regular.  So I will be able to serve them whole wheat pasta now, or at least a mix of the two.

We'll see what other steps I can get them to take with me.  Maybe my husband will take walks more often, or walks that are longer than 12 minutes?  Yes, I timed his walks!  I admit it!  Using chutneys to season lean meats is right out as husband HATES that, and he hates sweet salsas, too.

The Chubby Hubby IS helping one aspect of my diet.  I bought a bag of tiny square 3 Musketeers, and gave them to him to dole out to me when I ask for them.  Only one or two at a time.  They have only 25 calories but really nice sweetness and, of course, CHOCOLATE.  They make me very happy.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. You are SO much nicer than me! At breakfast and lunch, my family can eat whatever they want because we all get up at different times and leave at different times. But at dinner time, they eat what I cook or they can go out and eat somewhere else. I refuse to cook two different meals. I used to do that in the 2 years that I was a vegetarian, but it got really old.