Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tell Me Why

Blessings, Darlings!

I'm feeling mildly ranty today. (That was a warning label, BTW.)

I've been getting progressively more irritated by the short-but-sweet Tweets on 'what to wear to align with today's energy', 'what to work on with today's energy', and other short bits of 'advise' I see both on Twitter and on calendars, etc.  I want to know WHY. 

Case in point, a recent tip was to "wear garlic when working on the astral plane or spirit Realm'.  Why?  I mean, by definition your body isn't going there with you.  Is it to protect your body while you have it 'unoccupied' here on Malkuth? Isn't that what a circle is for?  I'd worry that it would keep you more grounded and inhibit your Astral Travel (I'd not be wearing hematite, either).  

For some things, telling me the day of it is pretty useless.  Some folks posted on an eclipse after it happened. Or posted 'energy of the day' at 10 pm that night.  Hmmm.  But even if they are posting that the day, and say what to work on with that energy - daily posts on that are less than useful to me.  Give them to me a week at a time, 3 days before that week begins, and I can PLAN my work, not just try to 'align and work' on something I pull out of my ass.

Oh - by the way - if I'm supposed to work with the day's energy to get rid of something, should I really be wearing some color that draws anything to me? Could someone explain THAT

Yes, 140 characters isn't much.  But you can use more than one tweet.  You can link to a blog.  You can use Tweetlonger or some other tool.

Context matters. 

Frondly, Fern


  1. It would have been quicker to ask me directly...

    "Witch Tips" are just that -- tips. This is why I chose Twitter instead of a blog. They are things from my personal Grimoire or items that I've just learned myself.

    I started it as a way to share some of my daily thoughts with other community members.

    Some are also put out there to get some people to ask "why?" and research for themselves. To think through, exactly as you are doing above. There are hundreds of books to explain the whys and I recommend a lot of them as my tips.

    Yes, I do know why I wear Garlic when working on another Plane.

    Yes, I do know why I recommend a specific color and scent for a specific day. And they are my RECOMMENDATIONS, not mandates.

    You are not the only one who respects the practices.

    If you are not interested in reading my daily tidbits that are meant to spark interest/questions, then please un-follow. Those of your followers who do not like my practice are also welcome to un-follow. We are all free.

  2. Yes, one of the things I cited was from you. The others were from others online, from other folks I adore. It's not that I think that you or the other folks offering the advice don't have reasons, I'm saying that I want to know the reasons, too.

  3. People who are all oogly-googly about daily energies & correspondences & perfumes & underwear colors & ice cream flavors would do just as well to buy a copy of the Llewellyn Magical Almanac... or possibly even the Farmer's Almanac (you'd be surprised what kind of wisdom can be found in it).

  4. There's a reason why my tip today was about wearing Hematite...

    I apologize if I seemed overly offensive, and I do recognize your point. I always read your blog (as well as most of the others' I follow), so I normally don't take offense. However, by lumping my tip in, it read as though you were insinuating my account is one of those fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-and-plagiarize-everyone-else accounts.

    You can always DM me with a "Why?" and I will tell you what I think, or give you the name of a book that explains.