Thursday, October 7, 2010

We Fail

Blessings, Darlings!

As my loyal readers know, we're about to move out of the DC area.  You probably didn't know that POTUS is speaking this afternoon at the college a stone's throw from us.

We've never been live at any 'intimate' POTUS event.  Oh, we were at a few inaugurations, but being with a quarter million of our closest friends for the event doesn't make for intimacy.  So, we figured we'd go to this one.  Parking lot near us opened at 10, shuttle buses from the lot started at 10:30.

But, life being as it is, we first needed to hit our accountant/agent for some of our IRAs, and take out some money for the move. It's okay, budget fans - Bob old enough that we don't get hit with early withdrawal penalties.  We get there at 10. We are there for about 2 hours - the accountant is thorough but not speedy.

Accountant can't file our withdrawal electronically or fax it, the company requires it be sent.  Okay.  He gives us the envelope, since we live near the post office.  But we figure we'll mail it later, and hit a convenience store for a soda then park & catch the shuttle.

Got soda.  Got to parking lot.  Chubby Hubby suddenly realized the envelope is missing.  We tear the car apart for 10 minutes, then head back to the convenience store.  it's now 12:45.  Doors to the hall have been open for 15 minutes.  Standing (no sitting) is first come, first serve .... and we were WAY back in the parking lot before we left to track down envelope.  We get lucky - the owner of the store DOES have the envelope, maybe CH dropped it inside or someone found it in the lot.  We go to the Post Office and mail it.  It's now 1:00.  We're frazzled. We had seen the crowds pouring in to see POTUS.  We figure we can't get parking any more and probably can't get into the hall.

We #Fail. 

I sigh.

Frondly, Fern

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