Monday, October 11, 2010


Blessings, Darlings

So, I'm reading my timeline on Twitter, and Men's Health has this link: Identify What's Stopping You from Losing Weight.  My immediate reaction - dudes, what's so hard about figuring THAT out?

For me, it's really easy:  I love to eat, and I hate to exercise.  Food TASTES GOOD, at least food I buy/make. I love salt.  I love grease.  I love carbs.  I love protein, covered with salt, and even better when covered with grease.  Breaded and fried and salted?  Excellent!

And I HATE sweating.  It doesn't matter if it's from the day being hot or from exercising.  I hate it.  Today was a really ROUGH day for me on the exercise bike, because I SWEATED while exercising.  Yech.  Well, also my right butt cheek started whining, even BEFORE I got on the bike, "I do NOT want to get back on that bike seat".  Great, I though, prototypical 'talking out of my ass'.  I got on the bike anyway.  I did my exercising - warm up 4 minutes, then 30 minutes of 30 seconds at medium speed/30 seconds of sprinting, then 6 minutes of cool down (I did cut 5 minutes off, in deference to the now screaming butt-cheek).  Yes, I had the fan on while I biked, to help me feel better while doing it.

Weights and aerobics will follow (I'm typing this at noon).  But I do NOT like to exercise.  I may never like to exercise.  I may always HATE to sweat.  I expect to love to eat all my life.

I know WHY I'm fat. One of my problems in dropping weight is that the 'doing' doesn't have an intrinsic reward - putting on weight comes with activities I love, dropping it means NOT doing things I love (eating lots of fatty, salty, etc, food) and doing things I hate (sweating).

Yeah, yeah, I know, there's a reward if I keep at it.  Pie in the sky by and by.  How odd - I appear to be a "Reverend Ike" type dieter, who want reward NOW not in heaven after I die.

Frondly, Fern



  1. You needa sweat lodge

  2. Nope. I don't. Don't do sweat lodges. Barely do hot tubs, and them only in winter.

  3. I agree, stationary exercise is boring, painful, and a waste. I psyched myself into thinking 'walking' to the library a couple times a week was fun. It works some of the time :) (following your blog now, fun read!)

  4. I'm right there with you. My daughters curse their genes, because all 3 of us sweat profusely on our faces (and I mean profusely as in "needing a towel to sluice off my face if I carry an armload of groceries up the stairs!"). We sweat normally from the neck down, so it's not a medical condition, and it doesn't change no matter what we weigh. And we all utterly HATE sweating. (And we loooove food, especially bread & pasta & meat.)

    Plus what Flight Fancy said about exercise being boring -- I can't NOT keep my brain busy, or I go insane! I'm told that I can't walk/run outdoors with headphones on (to listen to audio books or music) because it's not safe. And I've never found any exercise that isn't deadly dull boring.

    I was naturally a size 8/10 regardless of what I ate, until my metabolism slowed down in my mid-thirties, and now I'm 41 & a size 16/18. At this point, I'm working on accepting that it's NOT natural or normal for 40-year-olds to look like skinny teenagers, and accepting that being plump is okay.