Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Time!

Blessings Darlings!

Now that it's February it's time to start your garden.

Yes really.

Time to map out what you want to plant, and where, in your garden.  And in what order: if you plan on planting some spreading vine type plants (squash, sweet potatoes) you can put early harvested crops (spinach, lettuce, radishes, turnips) in the path of those vines.  You'll have eaten and/or stored the food by the time the vines reach that part of the garden.  

Order a few seed catalogs to look over vegetable varieties and get an idea of what area they take up by the time they're harvested.

It's also time to start seeds.  I've started herbs and onions so far - not that they are starting well.  Being low on money I'm using OLD seeds, and only the thyme is doing really well,  Still, one parsley seed is up, a bit of oregano, one red onion.  There's still time for them .... and it's not like my house is kept at 70 degrees as they'd like!

I'll be starting more seeds today, Gods willing and if the creek don't rise.

I don't use grow lights or any fancy set up.  I'm using a sunny room, south and west exposures.  I'm starting the seeds in potting soil and using egg cartons instead of pots.  They are set in old baking pans. I'm REALLY low tech here (oh, the irony!).

In a month or so they'll be day tripping on the deck on warm days to start hardening off.

Considering all the challenges my gardening faced last year (clearing sod, wet spring, drought in summer) I had GREAT crops.  I'm hoping to do as well this year .... AND have better deer protection!

The garden is a fundamental part of everything in both the preparedness / prepper / survival / survivalist line AND in the broke / cheap / cheap eats / broke line as well.  Start now.  You won't regret it.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. I envy all you gardeners. My thumbs are sooooo UNgreen that I don't even try anymore :( Hope you'll share pics! :)