Friday, February 17, 2012

This Week In Nature

Blessings Darings!

Spring is certainly coming early.  Okay, the creeping charlie and an occasional dandelion have been blooming pretty  much all winter, so those blooms don't 'really' count.  But I saw crocus' blooming north of Baltimore on Wednesday, and some unidentified white blooms here in the boonies yesterday.

But what I've never seen before Thursday was .... turkey vultures doing a mating dance.  It's EARLY for them - by a month or so.  And, after looking it up, it was in a somewhat unusual location.  But it was a mating ritual.

I know my mating rituals.

The unusual part was that it was taking place not on the ground, but on a 'modern branch'.  That is ... on the 'horizontal' arched part of a street light.  But the half-open wings and the movements jibe with what the online sources say the dance is.

It was way cool to see, even if the timing screams 'climate change issues'.

Frondly, Fern


  1. And no video? OMG! I don't know what a turkey vulture mating ritual looks like but you better bet, I'm going to google or youtube it! :)