Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Writing Life

Blessings Darlings!

We have our own business.  It's primarily writing software for B2B applications, mostly involving HID class devices (Keyboards, mouses, etc) and TCP/IP applications (remoting controlling your shark tank).

But it JUST dawned on me that I can't think of this as a "technology business", but that it's FAR more like being (or being married to) an author. 

Not only is the process of creation the same ... but you don't get paid until/unless the work is written and edited.  And if one project takes longer than projected, you don't get paid when you expected to be.  And, again, if one project takes longer than expected, you ALSO don't get to work on, and then get paid for, the NEXT project on time.

Which explains why I'm not doing my Big Shopping Trip this month.  Which is okay, the usual trip lets me get a bit more of all staples than we usually use each month.  But, fundamentally, we'll be spending half of what we'd be getting on food stamps this month. 

So, we'll be eating lots of bean sprouts.  Lots of beans.  We ALWAYS eat lots of soups, so that won't change. 

I'm a bit concerned that my grand plans for paying off our debts by a huge amount this year won't be happening, let alone the planned increase in our savings. 

OTOH, I DO have some plans on ways to increase income, but they won't be immediate .... but that's par for the course, isn't it?

How are your New Years Plans working out so far?

Frondly, Fern

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