Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Personal Pre-set Spells

Blessings Darlings!

We now come to the second type of spells I want to go over - pre-set spells, activated by word or motion and intent.  These are the spells done by wand-work in the Harry Potter series .... or maybe the power-filled rings/fire sticks, etc, of the Dresden File book series.

For these you set up a the magic, empower it and an object, and have a 'trigger' on it that you set off with that word/motion.  They are set up by the individual who later squeezes the trigger. 

Given the stories of magic that have survived, it might be possible to do some really fancy work with these.  Like Moses' staff level of magic (and, damn, what WAS Moses' real name?)  I can't do that level of magic, that's for sure.

But I CAN do lower level stuff. 

Shielding falls into this category for me. For this blog post I'm assuming that you know how to do at least basic shielding.  For beginners, it takes TIME to set up a good shield.  Ground. Center. Draw in magical energy (do you tap it, do you raise it? Ah, a post for some other day there!)  Ooops, gotta decied what they shield is going to protect you against!  What shape does it take? What material?  Okay, now to energize it .... and how long does the energizing last?

But every time you go thru' that process, you are leaving a mark in the Other Worlds.  With each repetition of the same type of shield, that mark gets a stronger and clearer form.  Over time, to do the same working - but with more power behind it - all you have to do is say/focus on one word and give it a shot of intent and power.  One moment .... and your house is protected for a two-week vacation  One touch .... and your car avoids both tickets and yet is seen by everyone clearly so no one even dinks your door while opening theirs. 

Or it just ups the power, which isn't bad either.  I've mentioned my healing cauldron. Well, it's part of a healing altar.  Darn near every day (not today, ironically) I work at that altar, lighting a candle and doing healing magic.  Every day that Flame and energy gets added to a form in the Other Worlds.  As is "Tho' this candle burns no more in this world (snuff candle) it shall burn forever in the Worlds Beyond.".  And I do the magic to actually ADD another candle flame to the ever-growing design of candles in the Healing Area I have going on the Other Side.  Growing power - and a more clearly beaten path TO that area of power. 

Frondly, Fern

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