Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wand Worship

Blessings Darlings!

I'm having to re-create this post - it was WONDERFUL, but the Chubby Hubby tried bowdlerizing it down to his comfort level and 'somehow' totally erased it.  I'm writing with out the glow of divine inspiration behind the original post and with a high level of anger distracting me.  I'm sorry for the comparatively crappy post.

The post started with me saying how the Chubby Hubby is now FINALLY reading the Harry Potter books.  The Spawn and I read them as they were released, but the CH didn't.  Which meant CH kept asking us what was going on when we watched the movies.  Asked LOUDLY, because he doesn't hear well.  In movie theaters, except for the last two which we saw pay-per-view.  He's also a pain in the ass to see movies with.

So, we're having conversations about magical theory in Harry Potter, how Hermione could POSSIBLY take SEVERAL SEMESTERS of Arithromancy (it's only addition and memorizing the associations of 0 - 9, right?) and so on.  Me, I'm again struck with the wand worship J.K. Rowling exhibits.

Yeah, it was probably a convenient tool for the overall plot arc.  But it comes across to me as just a phallic pissing match.  Whose wand is better. Whose wood is better.  Whose wand overcame someone else's wand. Whose wand is bigger. She might was well have had everyone have wands made up of animals' phallic bones instead of the bowdlerized 'wood' that they were of.

What utter and total horseshit.

In MY universe, the wand is a tool for and symbol of the Magical Will.  Once you have 'mastered the tool' - have basic control of your Magical Will - you no longer need the tool.  You can use your finger if you choose.  You can use your hand. You can use your ELBOW.  You can use .... nothing but your Will.  You don't need the wand/rod of God/one eyed wonder worm any more.

So the more experienced and powerful a magic user you are in MY universe, the less you need or care about the wand (or any other tool).  Meanwhile, in the Harry Potter universe, the Big Bad (or Good) Wizards are still all about getting the Big Bad Most Powerful Wand, or at least a wand that has a lineage of owners who de-wanded - yeah, quite the emasculation image - the person whose ass you want to magically kick. 

Frondly, Fern

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  1. What bothered me was that the magicians seemed helpless without the wand. What kind of lame ass magicians are they?