Monday, May 7, 2012


Blessings Darlings!

This past week - the first week of  May - temperatures here were around 90 every day and the humidity starting going up, up, up.  So now that a cool front has moved in and temperatures are barely 70, I'm catching up - and trying to get a head of - cooking.

Since I bake most of our breads, that means two or more loaves of bread a week plus some rolls.  After breakfast this morning we were down to 4 rolls and two slices of bread left.  So now I've got two new loaves of bread in the oven.  Bialys will wait for another day.

I also have been working on the alchemy of changing 1.5 cubic feet of frozen bones into stock.  That, too, involves the oven.  Ovens, actually - the 'regular' oven for roasting the bones and then the hay box oven for simmering the soup.  I'm about half way done with batches of stock, and will be continuing that this week.

Because, as you know, summer follows spring.  And I won't want to turn on the oven then.  I wish I could fill the freezer with more baked goods .... but I've got it so filled with sale-priced meat that there's no room.  I'll have SOME more room when the bones are replaced by stock, but loaves of bread a BIG suckers. 

Yeah. First world problems again.  I justify it by saying it's about using everything that come into the house down to the last bit.  But it still comes down to too much stuff coming into the house.

Frondly, Fern

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