Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Blessings Darlings!

What do you do when you're under stress?  I cook and in the past day and a half I've made loaf bread, rolls, egg rolls, fried Chinese noodles, and those cupcakes.  

Just got the estimate on the car - $1700, the timing belt went out taking valves with it (BTW, I'm typing this on Monday).  We'll have that done, and I asked for an estimate on fixing the AC and the fan.  This would zero our emergency fund (the fund having already been hit by the Chubby Hubby's abscess and tooth removal), so it's going on one of the credit cards that we've been working hard on paying off.

The Spawn took today off of work, since he was only scheduled for 4 hours (at minimum wage) and the taxi is $25 each way.  He's next scheduled for Thursday, which is the soonest we'll get the car back.  I'm hoping he'll get a ride to work then, even if he has to go in 2 hours early and read or such while waiting to clock in.

I'll bike to the store on Wednesday, which is the first day we're supposed to have without rain.  It'll be a milk/eggs/OJ/etc run ... alas, at the store that's most expensive, but 3 miles away.  It's worth paying more to not bike to a store 10 miles away.  I'd dreading the hills.  I lived on a bike in Illinois, biking 40 miles in a day without thinking, but the land there was FLAT.  And I do wish the bike had fenders for rainy days!

A new bike for me,with fenders, more appropriate for my size and age than the current one, is TOTALLY on my want list.  But it's lower on the list than new glasses and some dental work for all of us.  I can always walk to the store if I have to, of course, but in warm weather I'd like perishables to be out as little as possible, thus would prefer to bike than walk them home.

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