Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This week's eats.

Blessings Darlings!
We just inventoried the freezers - okay, the Spawn did it for me. Which means some meat is labels "Mystery Meat" because he doesn't recognize it on sight and didn't ask me.  And the list doesn't tell me what FORM the meat is in - is the beef slices, a roast, or cubes?  Dunno!

We'll be eating mostly out of the freezer this month, since last month Spawn's work hours were cut radically so he can't buy much in the way of groceries this month.  Which is life, and it's not TOO bad because last month the stores had a HUGE amount of meat reduced/sell NOW and I bought what I could then.  The freezer's pretty full, and we have spring greens coming out of the lawn and a few from the garden.  And we still have some canned green beans, and I'm sprouting mung beans, etc.

So, this is what we'll eat from May 5 till May 18:

Thursday, May 3 - baked chicken (4 pieces for 3 people), rice, salad, zucchini

Friday,, May 4 - Yaki Soba (it's Japanese Lo Mein, sort of) with 1.5 lb of veggies (cabbage, carrots, mushrooms) and 9 oz pork

Saturday,  May 5 - Home-made Pizza (Cheese, red pepper, some pepperoni), Salad

Sunday, May 6 - Pulled Pork (Leftovers from making it a few weeks back), rolls, slaw (I had mine as part of a green salad and no slaw)

Monday, May 7 - Leftovers.

Tuesday, May 8 - Bi Bim Bop - sort of Korean Fried rice, with bean sprouts, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, zucchini, fiddleheads, some beef, special sauce.

Weds, May 9 -  egg rolls (using the leftover pulled pork, some shrimp, lots and lots of cabbage)

Thurs, May 10 - tacos. Filling will be half bean, half beef.

Friday May 11 - Fried chicken.  Because we can. Salad, broccoli, potatoes

Saturday, May 12 - Spaghetti, red sauce, salad.

Sunday, May 13 - Ribs, slaw, corn bread/hush puppies, salad

Monday May 14 - Leftovers

Tuesday, May 15 - Fried Fish, broccoli, buns? or some other starch.

Wednesday,  May 16 Kalbi (korean BBQ), rice, salad, green beans

Thursday, May 17 - Veggie Omelets, fresh bread, fruit

Friday, May 18 - baked whole chicken, salad, baked potatoes, spinach

I'll need to buy egg roll wrappers, eggs, milk, OJ, salad stuff, butter, ketchup, and a few more items, but not much.  Still, more than the $15 (1/4 of his take home pay) that the Spawn will be kicking in for the next few weeks.

How's your food budget doing?

Frondly, Fern

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