Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is Asking Questions Bad?

Blessings Darlings!

[BTW, for those pressed for time, the answer is 'no']

It's JUST 10 an, and I've already asked for facts backing up assertions three different times.  Two of those times have been about magic/spirituality. The other was on gas prices. 

My husband laughed and pointed out that I was asking about the Physics of Magic.  He's right. I was. I am. I do that. I INSIST on doing that. I've done it before.  My BOS is a lab notebook.  See my previous post

No one, so far, can back up their claims.  But only in the Pagan/Witch realm was the question taken as at all improper.  Whether the issue was "souls/spirits only come in rigid categories", or "Midnight is the witching hour", or "all Witches celebrate Yule/have Yule Logs/Have ashes from their Yule fire" or anything else - asking why that would be and for supporting info did not get .... well, anything in the way of answers, to put it nicely.

If you see Midnight as the liminal time, fine - but can't you say WHY, when the ancients seem to have looked at dusk/dawn as the liminal times?  If you see rigid lines between male/female/queer/etc souls - why would this be, and where would it have sprung from?  If you see gas prices as rising because the dollar is falling - show me where gas prices are falling in countries where the currency is rising relative to the dollar, would you?

If you are saying it's from UPG, then own up to that.  It's okay.  EVERYTHING started as UPG at one time, but while it's UPG don't imply that it's best for everyone, let alone DONE by everyone. If you got it from reading the Malleus Maleficarum, then own that.  AND then explain why you belief that is reliable.  Please. Now.

At any rate - claim what you will.  But back that thing up.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. I'm in no way surprised you didn't get a positive reaction to your questions. General pagans as a broad group seem to often feel someone asking why something works or is done are questioning the validity of the actions.
    Now ask a ceremonial magician or a reconstructionalist and they'll give you the why all day long.