Monday, March 19, 2012

Beef Recall

Blessings Darlings!

This beef recall probably won't affect any of the rest of you.  My local Wegman's, which I shopped at yesterday, called to tell me that the ground beef I bought yesterday is being recalled.  A part in their meat grinder broke SOMETIME yesterday and there may be metal shards in the ground beef. 

Obviously I used my Wegman's membership card when I shopped, so they knew that I had bought ground beef. I don't even really know WHY I use the card there - I KNOW it let them monitor what I buy and isn't usually tied in to any discounts.  It's a violation of OPSEC. But this time it paid off.  I know to return the meat.  

On a Pagan note ... once I got the meat home SOMETHING told me to NOT immediately form it into 1/4 pound patties and individually freeze them.  I left the meat in a cooler (my fridge being pretty full) with ice packs instead.  That was a good 'something'.

Why "Something" couldn't have told me in the STORE not to buy the stuff, thus saving me a trip back there, is not clear.  I'll have to find out why what wonderful whatever I'll get from driving the 6 mile round trip later, I guess.


Nevermind, now I know.  Just after I got home yesterday, FedEx dropped off a check from a client.  I need to drive back to that city to deposit it.  I refused the Chubby Hubby's request that I do that same afternoon.  I said that I was SURE that one of us would be returning to the city in the next few days.

I guess tweaking me was seen by 'SOMETHING' as easier than getting FedEx to drop off the check earlier...


Frondly, Fern


  1. Wow! Glad Wegman's called you! :)

  2. While I do link coupons to my store loyalty cards, it is exactly for situations such as this that I really use them.