Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Dream In Color

Blessings Darlings!

I rarely share dreams here, but last nights dream seems different.

It started post Shit Hitting The Fan, with lots of trains, all going down the same track. Then a parallel track, on which a train of Army women in green colored fatigues. I was wearing my Assembly of the Sacred Wheel tabbard, in it's specific blue.  Had to deal with a train full of folks in black on the track my stuff was on.  Another train had all sorts of brightly colored children's books, one series that was coordinated by color. Realized that coordination of trains on tracks had to be re-established and my group was the one to do it - me standing on the tracks waving at the random trains wasn't cutting it.  Found the original round house area .... where I realized that the train lines were coordinated by color.  A Wise Woman - rather like the recently passed Shakmah Winddrum - commented on how finding this was the right approach, so I showed her the few clues to how it was done before that we'd found and where we were looking for more.

Okay, that was the dream.  But let's add in that yesterday online in a group we had been discussing Kontantinos' "Nocturnal Witchcraft".  Which I compared to Scott Cunningham.  I didn't go into detail on WHY  saw them as equivalent (other than to say both tend to be rather Kindergarten Wicca).  But the dream commented on that for me.

Cunningham and Konstantinos both tend to work strongly with a white/black duality.  Black.  White. Only grey lies between them.  Okay, that's one map of the territory.

In my dream there were all the colors of the rainbow, shown by the rainbow of knowledge in the books.  My job is to see the best way to combine all those many and varied colors.  I suspect that the roundhouse also has 'color wheel' associations - there are NO 'pure colors' outside of the filing systems like the Kabala and the chakras.  Which are GREAT filing systems, but it's not good to mistake the map for the territory.

But the stuff on trains, or in books, don't do any good while still on trains.  Mix, match - and use in every day life.  The train load of coal is nice and all, but it's more 'useful' to me as electricity that I use to power my life.

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