Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Spring

Except it's not, because we're getting more snow.

Blessings, Darlings!

I've been starting seeds, and getting house plumbing issues fixed, and all that neat stuff lately. OTOH, I'm going to have to turn lawn into a garden, AND fence it (groundhogs and deer), using practically no money. I'm afraid to borrow a tiller from a friend because I fear that I'll hit a huge rock while using it and break it. 

The spring wild veggies, dandelions and wild onions, are growing in the yard, and I'll be added them to omelettes and such.  But due to the cold weather we're going to have this week, on the stove as I type this is veggie barley with beef soup.  We finished the miso soup today, but will be having that again soon - it's easy to make and I'm pushing sea veggies on the family just now.

I'll probably post the soup recipes in a few days.

Blessings, Fern

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  1. poke around the area first with a shovel when the ground is soft from the rain, just some random prods throughout the area. i'm sure the tiller is tough enough to stand up to basic, you know, tilling.
    i have many lettuce plants in the garage. why did i buy stuff on the one weekend in march that calls for snow????