Saturday, March 19, 2011


Blessings, Darlings!

Most of us Pagans have been bombarded by 'supermoon' info - that the full moon yesterday/today is the closest to earth (by 10% or so) and brightest (by 30%) in 19 years.

Many Pagans on Facebook and Twitter are reporting feeling the energy quite clearly.

Which all makes me wonder - what of the Super DARK Moon?  Was the last dark moon, or will the next dark moon, or some other moon, be the closest DARK moon to Earth in ?  And what would the energy of THAT be? Chaos?  

It sure wouldn't be peaceful!  But, oddly, at least one person has noted that the energy of THIS is peaceful.

Huh? If full moon is about fertility, especially when combined with Eostre and spring equiniox ... fertility is total chaos, when looked at in sexual reproduction.  Scores of sperms (or the equivalent from pollen) putting forth all sorts of energy towards hitting that ovum.  Or all those ova, if we have spawning in water.  Mate or die.  Well, mate AND die, but your genes go on, even tho' you may die just from the exertion involved in being successfully fertile.

I'd say that if this moon doesn't go all the way to chaos, it certainly is about Madness.  Isn't the worship of Dionysis around now?  Bacchanalia, baby! Maenads tearing up animals alive and eating their still quivering flesh.

Peaceful super moon, my pasty white ass.

Frondly, Fern


  1. Great Post and Yes Great Moon,
    thought you might enjoy my Eostre/Equinox machinima film
    Happy Ostara
    elf ~

  2. I have been surprised by the flood of "positive" energy that is flowing through twitter in regards to the super moon. I have certainly felt an increase of energy, but I won't say it was positive. Actually it has felt really kind of dark to me, like something is just around that corner waiting to pounce. Or maybe I am just paranoid.

  3. my astrology shit has predicted gloom and doom for every full moon since that nightmare winter solstice one. i'm happy to report it was wrong this time (so far anyway.) i have to say, i'm loving this one.

  4. I have had both positives and negatives for me. Positives that I have received A's in both my classes this semester so far - one by .03%!, have been asked to submit my paper for publication, and even figured out what I want to be when I grow up as an epiphany type moment! Negatives are definitely physical - migraines for the past 2 days. I don't usually get migraines at all! So basically good things have been happening (or culminating) but the physical energy is not so happy! lol

  5. Everyone around me as well as myself have experienced a great deal of chaos. Electronics and people mostly, but I for one when this is over for it has been over-charging everything in my home! Blessed be.

  6. it was a 'super moon' with all the same hype a few years ago.

  7. Che, this iS my post from that previous 'super moon'. I just re-ran the link for the '12 super moon.

    I'm practical. And Lazy.