Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pioneer Wars

Blessings Darlings!

There is some great writing out there on the Interwebs.  Today's link is to great writing on a site that uses the Pioneer Woman site as its inspiration.  Go read the link, then come back and finish reading THIS post: Pioneer Woman, Donuts - Wrong again!

Done reading?

First, a note: microwaving a day-old donut for 7 seconds makes them warm and seem fresh, and doesn't have bad side effects.

Second, a memory:  Back in the day, when the Spawn was in early grade school, there was a field trip to the Krispy Kreme Factory in Arlington, VA.  I went along to help.  I might have been Room Mother than year, too, I don't recall.  We had a GREAT time looking at the machines making the donuts and the packaged goods - they were making strudels or something that day.  Lots of whirring and belts carrying foods up and over our heads.

Then, after the tour, and still before lunch, they gave the kids a snack.  All the donuts they could eat and soda.  And then they sent us on our merry way, with the kids sugared to the gills.  Yeah, we went to park next.  The kids were to eat their sack lunches there.  Right.  At least they got to run around, before we got on the bus for the hour ride back to the school.  Focus?  Nah.  None of the rest of the day.

It was quite the experience.

Frondly, Fern

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