Thursday, September 6, 2012

Face Palm

Blessings Darlings!

Today I saw a question in a FB group.  Here's a summary of the question, with more defining details added:

* long time witch (>10 years)
* not Wiccan, but practices in the 'Wiccan way'
* Totally no idea what to study next
* And she's studied everything in every book
* there was no internet OR books when writer started
* writer is 39 and has Wiccan husband

So, I gave her a list of ideas - Has she invoked all the Goetic spirits? How adept are you at astral projection? At OOBEs? At various types of possession/mediumship? Curing cancer or AIDS? Can you identify and use every plant in an empty lot near you, or a forested area near you? Is your area crime free because of your efforts?

Further, I asked: Have you spoken to your God/dess/es about what to study next? Used guided meditations to find out? Divination? What answers did you get from these type of searches?

Oh, I also pointed out when Cunningham alone started being published, and that I've been on the internet since she was 20.  

Why is she saying I'm not being helpful? I'm confused!

Look, if you've been a Witch for over 10 years, shouldn't you have ways to see what you should study next without asking strangers in FB rooms? Shouldn't you be mature enough to not get upset when people ask questions like mine?  And ..... really? You can't find a book with anything you aren't an expert in already?  I can find tons of books I can learn from, and I've been around this block rather more times than you have.


Frondly, Fern 


  1. I started 15 years ago and their were both books, and great local stores that carried them, and the internet. What she likely did is ignore all your guiding questions and saw it as just criticism.

    I would have said something more like telling her to explore her own UPG and then write her own book if their are none left out there.

  2. Oh the level of BS is mind boggling st atimes. "Look, LOOK at me I am all wise and knowing sit at my feet'. Righto, right on that.

  3. You may not have criticized her but I will.... There is no way she or anyone can become a master on all there is to know in 10 years. I loved you thought provoking questions to her. She very should read a book on humility/ego. She obviously hasn't undertaken a deep study into our mysteries. If she had she wouldn't be making asking strangers in any forum just like you said. :)

  4. It must be wonderful to have so much time and money that one is able to not only purchase every esoteric/spiritual tome ever written, but able to afford the time to read them all as well.

    Apparently with 100% retention and comprehension rates.

    Maybe you should have suggested she purchase Llewellyn Publishing (just a thought)

  5. Well said Fern. Nice of you to try to offer suggestions to this person who was asking for advice, but in the end its up to her to take the ideas or not. Some people prefer talk to walk in their practice. Still, some good ideas there for anyone looking to broaden their horizons a bit.