Friday, September 9, 2011

Fire Protection

Blessings, Darlings!

Have you noticed that the Land, Sea, and Sky seem rather upset lately? In the US alone this year, we have had unusual winter cold in west Texas and New Mexico, spring floods, spring tornado sprees, summer droughts, unusual earth quakes in Louisiana and Colorado and Virginia/DC, unusually severe heat waves in lots of the country, fires in Texas, and now a couple of hurricanes causing severe flooding.

Most of the things line up well with global warming, and the fires include humans preventing smaller fires and letting available fuel for fires build up. The Earth quakes in Louisiana for sure, and maybe the one in Virginia, was directly related to fracking for petroleum/gas. In other words - most of this has roots in human actions and hubris.  


Typically I'm down with pride and arrogance. I am a magic user, I hang with Mages. But I admit that I've screwed up magic and other things at times and so do the other magic users in my life. Well, most of them. But even the most arrogant are up front about magic being a hand grenade which can take out the user with shrapnel along with the intended target. Because magic is powerful. Still, none of the magic users I hang with think that the Elements are their bitches.

Apparently not all share these views. Over on FaceBook there's a group that's going to do weather magic for Texas. The two main forces in that group have written that they intend to make Tropical Storm Nate into a hurricane and move it into the affected parts of Texas, and that flooding and such are 'lesser evils' than drought and fire. I asked them about what the nature spirits, land spirits, and divination on this indicated. I pointed out that floods are more damaging to everything than fires, both in deaths, nature affected, economic destruction, toxins left everywhere.

Oh, look at the thread , plus the link for flood and toxins and such . 

They want to make a hurricane their bitch, and the heck with how many people it kills, how much property it destroys (hint - it would end more human lives and destroy more property than fires will). 

What magic would *I* use in a case like this?  I'd start with the protection of fire insurance that covers wildfires.  I'd add the insurance of evacuation.  And then I'd do the magic of PROTECTION for people/pets/property.   I'd work on becoming intimate with the local land there and the watershed before doing any work - for their spirits might not want the same thing that we humans want to impose on it. 

The protection magic in this case would be among the easiest, when working with the local land spirits and elemental fire.  Wild fires are already big on being arbitrary, burning one house and not touching the one next to it.  That's a feature that magic can influence.

Existing feature.  Magic can influence.  Not making fire my bitch.  But protection plus work with local land and the elementals earth, wind, water, and fire..  Not a working guaranteed to spread toxins across the land and into the watershed.

I'd not use the same hubris based approach that caused the problem in the first place.

Frondly, Fern


  1. ah Ferny, good one.
    protection and working with is far easier than working against and healthier,lol.
    It's served me well for the 20+ years I've lived here at the cape, where wind and water dominate. I care for my land and in return my land protects me.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one severely bothered by these people who seek to make a hurricane happen in Texas. Rain is nice, but a severe, damaging storm is the last thing these people need right now.

    Thank you so much for this post.

  3. Fascinating conversation that happened there! I find it a bit egotistical that the magic they want to perform is about the people and hasn't even considered what Nature wants. And if it isn't what Nature wants, imagine what we will suffer as the outcome?

  4. The biggest reason I don't try to mess with the weather on any large scale is the butterfly effect. It is impossible in principle to create a precise effect in a system so complex and interlinked as Earth's weather without it being overwhelmed by side effects.

    I'm not too worried about some random people who resort to FB for such things being able to have any effect, but perhaps I am naive; there are some "wild talents" out there.

  5. Freeman, never underestimate the the power of crowds.