Friday, September 2, 2011

The More Things Change...

Blessings, Darlings!

So, the Spawn is working, after 9 months of job searching.  He's the host at a family restaurant.  On weekdays, which are slow, he makes more than the servers, since his salary is not dependent on tips.

Last night he got a call from another job he applied for recently, to see if he could come in for an interview.  Too late, guys. 

Two jobs calling in two weeks would seem to be an improvement in the economy.  Except....

Yesterday at his job, a whole flock of folks from the big expensive supermarket across the street came in for job applications.  So either that place is lousy to work for, or they are going to be laying folks off or closing.  About 6 weeks ago that store had claimed they were hiring - Spawn applied, even took the 'psychological evaluation test' there, and never got called back. 

Maybe the Spawn slipped into jobs that opened because people quit as the school year began. This is the same time he got a job last year, after several months of looking.  But the group coming in for job applications seems to show that there are still WAY more folks looking for jobs out there.  Even entry-level jobs.

Yes, new applications for unemployment benefits are slowly dropping.  But today's job figures from the Fed were abysmal, even tho' they claim that the unemployment rate is unchanged.  New jobs being created aren't equaling those destroyed, let alone new people coming into the job market from population growth.  IF the unemployment rate actually IS unchanged, it's only because they consider those working part time (even if they need/want full time work) are 'employed' and because so many workers are 'discouraged' that they've given up on finding work.

Frondly, Fern


  1. Actually, I think that what happened is that lots of kids left their 'summer jobs', so that opened day jobs for the Spawn. Who, since he's getting thru' college without loans, is working to be able to pay for one last year he has to take before he graduates.

  2. I don't know the official numbers, but things must be bad in northern Michigan because I can't even get a call back from McDonalds.

  3. Yes, James - he never got called by McDonalds, either, in all the times he applied there over the 9 months of unemployment. The only previous nibble was the store whose employees came over to his new job for applications, and, obviously, nothing panned out there AND they probably have layoffs coming.