Friday, July 10, 2009

Magic Menu and Casting Cupboard

Blessings, Fronds!

One of the many recommendations on how to learn magic is to do magic every day. I remember reading that, getting all enthused, and jumping in. Immediately. And with in a few days failing. Miserably.


I blamed myself for a lack of will power, or even lack of Will. Now I only blame myself for youth and ignorance.

What's the Key? The Magical Menu

My problem wasn't in the concept, it was in approaching it as if, well, as if I could approach it on a day-by-day way. Instead, I've learned that kitchen or other witchery has to be approached just like menu planning and execution in a well-run kitchen.

Plan your work, then work your plan

That means plan in advance. Enthused over doing some magic each day? Great! Want to start today? Well, okay, if you're talking about a visualization you send energy to. But you're probably not going to want to do just visualize and pump energy magic every day.

So, plan a week or two worth of spell work in advance. Sure, leave room for emergency magic as needed - that's a different topic. Get the list together. Now, go over each spell and figure out what items you're going to need for each spell. How many candles, what color. Incense? What scent? Going to make it yourself? How much time will that take? What ingredient will you need? Are any of the spells best at certain times of year, moon, day? Figure that in. Will you need oils? Will you need altar clothes in certain colors? Will you want to wear certain colors for the ritual or the rest of the day?

Lay it ALL out, in detail. Make lists.

Now, check your supplies. What are you missing? Okay, can you get that stuff locally anywhere? Will you be able to get to that store in the next few days? Will you have to order some of the supplies online?

Now that you have a two-week plan that you can do, get thes supplies and step in. AND during the first week, make your next two week list and start working on what you need for that - this may be when you do spells you had to order supplies for.


Of course, having ingredients around for spur of the moment or emergecy spellcasting is something I recommend. The Prep/Survivalist posts here aren't just for THAT community! Here are things I keep around all the time:

Candles: In the late fall, I get several boxes of Hanuka candles at the grocery store when they are on sale. They are usually good for every standard color except brown, grey, and black, and burn about 20 minutes. I also stock up on Jewish memorial candles in their glass cups when they are on sale - those burn 24+ hours.

I also have a few tall glass enclosed candles from the Latin American aisle of the grocer, in a few colors, and a few black,grey, and brown candles so I'm covered for colors.

Candle sticks/holders: Mostly bought at garage sales, and supplimented by the used glass candle jars as they get used.

Oils: Really, I just use peanut oil and work in whatever herbs I want for any use.

Herbs/Spices/roots/resins: I mostly use kitchen herbs and spices, but I have a LOT for cooking. Allspice thru' turmeric. But I also keep around some myrhh, frankincense, sandlewood.

Charcoal to burn herbs/incense on: This I usually buy several packages of a year, if I can't get the husband to buy it for me as a Yule present.

Altar Cloths: If I wasn't trying to Buy American, I'd just order a dozen multicolored bandanas from Oriental Trading Company. Instead I get end pieces of material from sewing supply stores or good parts of old clothes. But a scarf or two will do.

Incense Burner: Sea shell w/ sand in it will hold charcoal. Shot glass w/ sand will support joss sticks.

Matches: Duh.

Those are all you'll need for most workings. Sure, you will probably build up a larger cupboard over time. Acorns, pine cones, dried flowers, rocks, sea salt, whatever. But with the basics in place you can pull off pretty much any NEEDED magic or any EMERGENCY magic with relative ease.

Frondly, Fern

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