Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tomato Attack!

Warfare is going on in my tomato patch. And on my computer, as I try to figure out how to upload videos! I HOPE to soon have the text to the video added to the post, for my fronds who are hearing impaired.


  1. Wow! They're huge.My dad's girlfriend made a delicious green tomato chutney last year.Do you make chutneys or have you tried pickling?

  2. I second the green tomato chutney idea. I have a delicious recipe if you want it. It's also quite clear after watching your video (and being from opposite sides of the pond) that you say
    tom-may-to and I say tom-mar-to! Lizzy

  3. i haven't found those friggin' cutworms yet, but i know they're coming. they always do. how do i get my hands on your parasitic moth larvae?
    blossom end rot and cracking are also my eternal crosses to bear, even with the seemingly endless watering i'm doing this year. gah!

  4. Husband HATES chutney, so that's right out. I think he hates the scent of the apple cider vinegar I use for them. I'll try pickling the tomatoes instead, along with canning them.

    Suz, these are hornworms, not cutworms. Cutworms were earlier this year. And I don't know why I was graced with the wasps this year. Other years I haven't been. It must be the scotch thistle I let bloom each year - I've gotten all sorts of beneficial bugs that love the flowers (and birds, too - hummers love the blossoms, and beautiful yellow flickers love thistle seeds).

    Blossom end rot in tomatoes may be related to too little calcium in the soil, have you had your soil tested? Or, of course, just lime the bed or add egg shells. I'm dealing with early blight in my tomatoes, but I'll do a full post on that later.

    Frondly, Fern