Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Is the Sound of One Hand Typing?

I'm experiencing a bout of tendonitis in my left forearm. Since I've been trying to ignore it for the past couple of weeks and awkwardly favoring that tendon ... the result has been that it has not improved but I HAVE developed tendonitis in my wrist and shoulder from using them oddly.

Clearly, this is not acceptable. Now the arm is in a sling and I'm taking regular doses of anti-inflamatories. In a few weeks I should be fine.

This gives me a new way to rehearse my preparedness skills! Clearly, being able to simply grab a sling out of the first age backpack was a good thing. But I also get to practice general Life Skills one handed.

It has made it clear that there are some things I can do one handed, and some I can't. Wash dishes? Yeah, awkward tho' it is. Lift cast iron dutch oven full of food into and out of the oven? Nope. Not one handed. Hanging laundry isn't going really well, either - I've temporarily given up on clothes pins. Ironing has become very slow. I've punted getting ice cubes out of ice cube trays. And I'm not driving a standard shift car.

But, what would, say, a broken arm do to me in a survival situation? How would I cut or split wood? Use a wheelbarrow to move manure to the garden? Work the manure into the garden? How would I quickly reload any gun, or use a shotgun or rifle?

Hmmm. No answers here. Just questions ... typed slowly.

frondly, Fern

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