Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chaos Multiplied!

Blessings, Darlings!

Have you ever spent a year being in trance or meditation EXACTLY WHEN the moon moves into specific phases? Especially when it becomes Full and when it becomes Dark? And I DO mean "Dark" - the 13 hours before the "new" moon silver is visible.

Most of us magick workers are familiar with the Waxing Moon energy (which starts 13 hours into the 'new' moon) - growth, beginnings, planning, etc. We're familiar with the warmth, blessings, sustaining energy of the Full Moon. We clean house, pay bills, let go of things during the waning moon's darkening nights. But then there's the Dark Moon ...

Dark moon energy is ... sometimes a vortex .... sometimes a roller coaster ... never what you expect. It's a time when you can more easily get to know your Shadow Side, when you an end up face to face with parts of yourself you had hoped to deny. It takes you into your deep dark depths. Especially if that's not where you want to go. I see it as the time of the moon's cycle when you're most likely to have a spontaneous initiatory experience, and it will be one of the types where you are taken apart and re-integrated by your own 'demons'.

It's humbling. People tend to go into the Dark Moon expecting that they will surf the tsunami, but the thing about the Dark Moon is that NO ONE does. ALL get swept away by it.

This coming Dark Moon there will ALSO be a solar eclipse. So, instead of 'just' the Chaos of the Dark Moon, it will be magnified by the Chaos of Solar Eclipse. Wild Times.

Now, I've been around the block a few times. First spell in 1968 (one of Z Budapest's, gotten from a newspaper!), first Goddess experience around then. I still do not plan to do magic during Dark Moons or Eclipses, because I don't fool myself that I can control or harness the energies. I'll scry during them - I find the veils thin then. I'll do workings where I learn more about myself, especially my shadow self.

If an emergency arises, such as a family member in an accident or heart attack, sure, I'll do what I can. But most likely it will be prayers to a God or Goddess that I'm already tight with, not magick where I am going to pretend to be able to shape the energy. I'm not saying that if I did magick during a solar eclipse that I'd have some "monkey's Paw" result, or grow a second head or anything. But I'm sure that the results would not be what I anticipated - they would be off on some totally unanticipated tangent and the unintended result would be HUGE. Probably bigger than the Crone working that resulted in great intended results ... and a liver infection that made me so ill I barely left my bed for 2 months. And that was for an INTERNAL working.

I know of folks planning to do Big Ass Magick To End Oppression in Iran during the solar eclipse. What unintended consequences might come from that? Israel bombing the Iranian nuke plant? Dirty bombs in some cities somewhere?

Chaos trumps wimpy ass-covering statements of 'good intentions' such as "for the good of all". For the LONG TERM good of all might well be served by the world human population dropping to 10% of what it now is.

I am certainly arrogant. But I'm not THAT arrogant that I think I can manipulate the energy of the solar eclipse for magick, especially world-influencing magick, and be able to 'handle' any unintended consequences.

Frondly, Fern

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