Thursday, August 13, 2020

Really save the children

 Blessings Darlings!

In the past couple of weeks, my timeline, and groups that I am in, have been inundated with QAnon-based #savethechildren stuff, focused on 'stranger danger' and international conspiracies at the base of child sexual trafficking; with panic over books on good touch/bad touch or helping children identify grooming from family members being FOR grooming children for sexual abuse; with people who think that dolls and other toys that change color patterns when wet are ... somehow grooming kids for sexual abuse.
Yes, child sexual trafficking exists. But it is the smallest part of child sexual abuse.
Your children are at risk from your family members WAY the heck more than they are from strangers.
If you want to protect your children from sexual abuse, give them autonomy over their bodies. That they don't have to obey everything adults tell them to do. That if something makes them uncomfortable that it is safe to talk to you about it - AND that you'll stay calm during the talk. FFS, don't set them up so they feel they have to fucking protect YOU.
Want to help children who have been taken from their families, are being sexually exploited and tortured? Then work to help get the kids out of cages at our border reunited with their parents. ICE hasn't just taken them from their parents - they are holding them in inhumane conditions, they are being sexually abused by the workers AND ICE SAYS THEY HAVE NO POWER TO STOP THAT, at least 1500 of them have gone 'missing' ... ahem, etc.
Here's a list of groups to work with to help stop ICE and save those very real very exploited children
Yes, this is not a list of EVERY good organization.
Focus. Do useful stuff. Save actual endangered children.
Frondly, Fern

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