Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a Bird, it's a plane, it's ... the Perseids.

 Blessings Darlings!

Picture this:  The Interwebs, August 2020.  Someone spellbegs.  No one replies.  16 hours in I give her a LMGTFY.  She objects - googling is lazy. 

Baby girl, spell begging is lazy.  Asking folks to share their research, their sigils, the spells they've created/worked is lazy.  Googling is the beginning of doing research and NOT being lazy.  I point this out, and she blocks me.  Still having gotten not one single other reply.

Gods, people are stupid lately.

In other stuff ...

The land here is still abnormally dry, and the temperatures have been hot.  The lawn care folks are ignoring this, and mowed the barely grown lawn today, so it now looks like dead grass.   Most of the time I spent in the garden today was on removing dead baby squash, now rotting, from the yellow squash plant.  It's not as if that will remove all grey mold spores - not at ALL - but I feel better for having removed that slimy crap.

I have about 2 pounds of green beans from the garden in the fridge, and 3 yellow squash, and a lot of Swiss Cress, along with several home grown tomatoes, so the garden is serving us well.  I can harvest the potatoes anytime, too.  Which is handy since there is now a bloody potato recall due to lysteria or something.  It also affects some citrus.  I'm pissed about that aspect.  And this is why I keep those dry lemon and lime powders around - Simply Lemon, Simply Lime.  Because I love citrus, especially in iced tea.  And this is iced tea season here in the northern hemisphere.

Speaking of the seasons. the Perseid meteor showers are going on, right as I type.  But only visible on the other side of the planet right now, since it's daylight here.  They peaked here shortly before dawn this morning.  But if you watch the skies tonight you'll almost certainly see stragglers.  Or meteors not from that group - August is a peak time for visible meteors.  

 Two states have hit new highs in Covid 19 deaths yesterday.  Rah?  I had more masks as part of my Walmart order, but Walmart didn't fill that part - said they were out.  So Spawn went into the store and got them (because they were NOT out of them), and got the alcohol, bottle brush, and peroxide that Walmart had said they were 'out of' as well.

My car is in the shop.  I'm late in getting it its inspection, and it needed an oil change.  It failed the inspection, so I need to shell out money for front brakes and such. Work that we can afford because I saved what I could from that weekly $600 Covid 19 stimulus money I was getting with my unemployment.  So this helps keep the local economy moving.  Rah?

Tomorrow I hope to take all the comforters in to the laundromat and wash them.  Before the bulk of the students return to town.  I have saved quarters for a year to do this.  And watch - I've not been to the newly build laundromat yet, they probably don't use quarters and want you to put money on a card.  Stay tuned!  Such wild adventures I have.

Frondly, Fern

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