Monday, February 4, 2013

Good stuff, & Legal stuff

Blessings, Darlings!  Here's part 2 of "What has Fern & Family been up to, since she clearly wasn't HERE".


Here, we have the POA/medical that was missing, but no medical folks really cared.  It was enough that my husband was closest kin, and that she was clearly suffering from advanced Alzheimer's.  The guardianship was .... well, we'd given the lawyer cash but not signed the agreement yet. 

But what about paying her bills, medical and otherwise, if the medigap insurance wasn't reinstated?  Would the house have to be sold to get down to medicare asset levels?  The bank wouldn't give us info on her account balances and CDs until we had guardianship.

And .... a few years back, well into her dementia, she had changed her will, so that her boyfriend gets to stay in the house until his death. Which we're not sure he'll be able to afford to keep up.  Did the lawyer know she had dementia? Who knows?

Did she change who gets her life insurance?  Dunno that, either.


During all of this, there was one immensely bright spot.  Bob and I got in contact with our niece, Chelsea (Bob's sister's daughter).  She lives about 100 miles from my MIL (unlike our east-coast to mid-west distance) and is smart and knowledgeable and had experience in guardianship issues, and has friends who are lawyers and know lawyers in the state my MIL was in.  AND she's a foodie.  She and her boyfriend and the CH got together in my MIL's city to work together on all the issues and go thru' my MIL's papers.

Getting back in touch with her again was a wonderful thing.  We should have done it years ago.

Also, H managed to get the medigap insurance thru' her pension reinstated, after the boyfriend and we paid the back-do amount.  Not only that, but it was reinstated back to the time it was cancelled, so all broken hip related costs would be covered.  But this was cleared up after she'd been moved to the other nursing home.

Stay tuned for the next urgent but anything but exciting episode!

Frondly, Fern

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