Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Cup of Tea

Blessings Darlings!

My Mother was one of eight children.  Her parents, and about half of her siblings, were immigrants to the US.  They did well, but let's face it - raising eight children takes a chunk of money, especially when 5 of them are hungry boys (trust me, the girls were taught to not take seconds unless the boys had eaten their fill).

Forward several decades.  Friday night, Shabbos dinner, in the suburbs.  One of Mom's sisters and 4 of her brothers (and their assorted still-living-at-home family members) are at our place for dinner. Everyone has eaten, the table cleared of dinner and now dessert plates, coffee/tea cups, and dessert have replaced the potatoes and brisket.  A few people have coffee with their dessert, but most have tea. 

How many tea bags get used?

Wait for it ... wait for it ....

At most, two tea bags are used.  Usually just one.

Because everyone STILL barely dunks the tea bag in their hot water long enough to color the water, then passes it to someone else who wants tea.

Now, I love me some tea, and prefer it a bit on the strong side.  But with money tight, strong tea is not something I get to have now.  I need to make that package of 100 Earl Grey tea bags I got for Yule last a year.  So I'm doing the barely dunking thing, and now using each bag for 3 cups of hot tea.

I'll be making up a batch of copycat Constant Comment tea soon, too, since I LOVE that for iced tea.  OTOH, I drink that far more in summer than in winter.

Remember, tea is full of healthy flavonoids and such, so are almost health food.

Frondly, Fern

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