Friday, August 26, 2011

Douchery Vs Persecution

Blessings, Darlings!

Why is it that in US history, Jews have come here, built temples, openly lived as Jews, handled prejudice, but so many neopagans don't seem to be able to, thus huddle in broom closets?

Are the Gods of such neopagans weaker than the Jewish God?  Are the magical abilities of those neopagans as powerful as tissue paper?

Zoning laws getting you down?  Whoop di do.  That's douche baggery.  Persevere until you win.  Others have.

You are not delicate flowers.  You are kin to the Gods.

I'm sure I've posted this before - but what you are experiencing is 'loss of privilege'.  You have left your at least nominally Christian upbringing and now are being treated LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  Get over it, put on your big boy/girl undies, and get on with life.

Frondly (or not), Fern


  1. but, but the jews control wall street, banking, and hollywood....
    but, but the masons control everything, wall street, banking, and hollywood, they even founded a masonic country.....
    but, but, the catholic church controls everything.....
    but, but the christians control everything...
    but, but, satan and his demonic hordes control everything....

  2. Love the blog Fern! I have no problem with people choosing to stay in the broom closet when it comes to their faith, it's a matter of personal comfort, etc.

    I do however, have no sympathy when it comes to the pagans who run around with pentacles the size of hubcaps, screaming in fear each time anyone even dares to utter "God Bless You" to them.

    Yep, cause that's persecuting them and the evil christians are pushing their beliefs onto them.

  3. Wait? I have to take responsibility for my own life? I can't do that! I'm an American!