Monday, May 9, 2011

Unpacking. Still.

Blessings, Darlings!

You remember that I moved?  Back in November?  My computer tells me we're now into the second week of May.

We still have a whole bunch of unpacking to move.  We do not travel light. We are book people.

Actually, MY books are unpacked. I have a few boxes of papers that are not unpacked .... okay, maybe 10 or so of them.  But the husband .... he has boxes of crap in the bedroom to be unpacked, boxes of equipment to be unpacked (most of which I have just neatly stacked so I can move around the office and lab better), and over 50 boxes of books to unpack.

But yesterday one of our clients sent an e-mail, waving money and asking the Chubby Hubby to work on a new project.  For which the CH needs to get at his books on SNMP.  Which are, as we say a lot around here, "in a box, somewhere."  So the CH mentions that he wants our Spawn to find the books.  Which were last seen 'on the floor by his desk' before we moved. 

Spawn and I, after we finally cut back the pampas grass, head to the detached garage to go thru' the pile of CH's boxes of books.  Nothing is labeled "floor by CH's desk".  (Yes, I had boxes of my books labeled "floor by the couch". I found all MY books.)   I send the Spawn to drag the CH to the garage.

"Okay, there are boxes labeled 'Lab 1'.  Those are from the bookshelf unit that was by my desk. I would have packed the books by my desk in those boxes."  Ours not to ask why.  I have the spawn move all 'Lab 1' boxes to the front parlor, which has no furniture, just boxes of CH stuff, and tell the Spawn to open them there and look for the books in question.  It takes us some effort to go thru' the 50 boxes to get all the 'Lab 1' boxes identified and liberated, but we do it, Spawn schleps them, and finally finds the right box.  CH is now thrilled, as the box has a whole LOT of books he really used often.

But, had he just labeled the damn box "books from floor by my desk", we'd have put that box in the office IMMEDIATELY when we moved, and he'd have had them all along.

OTOH, CH wanted us to open EVERY ONE of the 50 boxes, rather than try to figure out which label was most likely to succeed.  So I think I scored efficiency points.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. you need my husband. i can happily live in mounds of boxes for a Very Long Time, but he simply will not abide it. were it not for my dh, i'd be buried in pile of books and boxes and 'clothes i might donate' somewhere in PG county.