Monday, May 23, 2011

First World Wicca

Blessings, Darlings!

I know, the title of this is redundant. 

But I keep getting amazed at the Wiccans I run into on-line who approach Wicca as something to be purchased.  Yes, I ranted about this before, which is why I put forth the "don't buy ANYTHING MORE" challenge. 

Alas, it seems that not everyone on the planet has read my blog.  [Darlings, aren't you re-tweeting the link?]  I keep running into new Wiccans who aren't DOING a thing, their entire focus is on BUYING things.  Not buying one book, but buying every tool, everything they might want for their altar, etc. 

This idea that you BUY Wicca is, to me, abhorant.  Okay, to me the idea you can buy ANY religion, any connection to the God/dess/es, is.  But to say that you don't DO any Wicca until you have all the bling?  Screw that!  It's just an excuse to keep consumerism as your religion, to continue to build a relationship with what you own (and owe) rather than the Gods.

Seriously - you don't need to 'buy all your supplies' before you can build a relationship with the Gods.  Unless in truth it's all about shopping therapy, and not truly the Gods.

Instead of spending hours online deciding what to purchase - and asking fucking strangers online if "this is the right thing to buy for my BOS" - START TALKING TO THE GODS.  And, more than that - LISTEN TO THEIR REPLIES.

THAT is what Wicca is about.  Not buying altar clothes.  Not buying overpriced 'Charmed-style' notebooks for your Book of Shadows - use a spiral notebook.  Or, often better, a 3 ring binder and loose leaf paper.  I get my 3 ring binders from garage sales. and re-use the blank back side of printouts of our office computer programming printouts for the pages.

Stop confusing affectation with content.

Do the WORK

All you need is yourself and the Gods.  All else is optional, but, in fact, you already have them. Incense? Cut an orange or a lemon.  Athame? Grab a kitchen knife. Chalice? A sippy cup would do, let alone a water glass. Wand? I've used a stick from outside my apartment or chopsticks. Candle? Does not the fire of life run thru' you? 

Doing the work makes you Wiccan, not owning shit.

Frondly (or not), Fern

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  1. Another reason why I love you, Fern: you get to the point and don't f*** around while doing so. :D

    Stay feisty,