Monday, February 7, 2011

Money Magic

Blessings, Darlings!

Some of y'all might be wondering why it seems I haven't been doing money magic, given how our finances are going this month.  No one has ASKED - but getting any of y'all to comment is like pulling teeth!   Sheesh!


The answer is that, you're right - I'm not doing any specific 'money magic'.  I've been concentrating on magic to help us as we learn to better run a business, better tweak our website, better do our product marketing, and investing time in honing those skills as well.  For the record, I'm the one with the better copywriting skills, the Chubby Hubby is better at web design.

I don't recall if I've told this story here before ... but about 10 years ago I did some spellwork aimed at improving my husband's consulting marketing.  It worked INCREDIBLY well.  So well we had more business than he could handle.  We ended up sued by a company that ran into a cash flow problem while we were working for them, as the work took so long. (We ended up getting our money from them, and they didn't get any from us, but all we got from them went to the dang lawyer!)

I've learned to be pretty specific in what I do magic for!

That said, I'm considering doing some work to help move the current batch of customers who owe us money to pay us more promptly.  And to send the checks to the right address - SEVERAL of them have conveniently been sending the checks to our old address, delaying us cashing them for about 10 days each.  This after we repeatedly gave them our new mailing address.

Oh, I'm going to be flogging a product I really like soon, and that we're an affiliate marketer for.  I'll be up front when I do that.  So far, no one has paid me a DIME for any products I like and have mentioned here.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. Since I am on my phone and it's not letting me read your previous blogs, I have a stupid question for ya. What is it that you sell? I follow you on Twitter, but apparently I'm slacking in the details department. Thanks for posting this, your advice is always sound and from experience. I like that. =)


  2. Oh, we have an electronics business in which we sell programming tools and do consulting. Its website is