Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crisp and Crunchy

Yes, Fronds, the leaves have mostly fallen. They are over ankle deep on the lawn, smothering the grass. But who has time to rake?

Mom's out of the hospital and into rehab at a nursing home. She whines piteously that she wants to go home. I have explained to her that her lack of exercising is what landed her in the hospital/nursing home - which she seems to accept as real. She seems to believe that if I was there to care for her they'd let her go home. I have talked to the Dr, and that is NOT the case. She still needs PT twice a day, so they want her inpatient so she can easily have that, rather than trying to arrange transportation to their facility twice a day. AND she is not strong or steady enough on her feet to be on her own. Which is why she needs PT twice a day, and to walk as much as is possible.

They keep giving me different spins on her kidneys - they are 'monitoring' them, and she has an other appt with the specialist coming up. But then they say that it's not unusual or dangerous, at age 92 and after years of high blood pressure. OTOH what they described as a 'cyst' might be something else, I suppose, as it was for my friend John. He, being young and strong, insisted on more tests and they removed the cyst, finding it to be cancerous. But I digress.

Money is still pretty tight, one client has been turned over to collection agency, another client has a deal where a govt agency pays half - and we're still waiting on the govt to pay it's half of each fortnightly invoice.

Drying foods, canning foods, planting things in cold frame, etc.

Frondly, Fern

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