Monday, October 19, 2009

Did I say "Chaos"?

One of my life goals is to 'lightly surf the waves of life's chaos'. I can't argue that the way to learn that is the same way one gets to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice.

I don't recall asking for QUITE this much practice.

Mom's in the hospital, after a dizzy spell that she says is different than her previous ones. She may or may not get out today. I'm 750 miles away. I've left a message for her doctor to call me.

Son was driving on automatic and in the rain last Friday and didn't notice the car a bit in front of him slowing to turn left. He avoided hitting it, but skidded off the road. "Into a ditch" is how he reported it to us, a minute later. Well, only the front wheels were off the road, and the car has rear wheel drive. We reassured him, and he backed out and drove home. This was in the 'old' car, the 1992 Buick.

He wasn't driving the 'new' car - the 1999 Ford - because it is again stalling out in wet weather. We don't have the $ to again replace the sensor. And replacing it twice a year doesn't seem to be a great approach.

The past 4 days, really 4.5 days, have been wet and cold, so only the Buick was running reliably. If you consider having to shift into neutral at stop lights reliable (it needs a new transmission). So, with sunny and dry today I had looked forward to having a car myself and being able to get a bunch of prep chores done - buying gas, getting winterizing supplies, etc.

However, last night husband's main development computer stopped booting up. Some problem with password protection, but he doesn't USE password protection. Yes, fronds, Windows at its finest, bringing down a computer that doesn't even use the screwed up function. Oh, 2 or 3 weeks ago I asked husband to back up that computer. Did he? No. Did he take out the hard drive and back it up last night? No. He DID do that this morning.

While he did that, I got the gas, and then ran to the auto supply store (did I mention that the Buick started flashing an idiot light about coolant?) and, since the Dollar Store is next to the auto place, got glass cleaner refill and waxed paper that I needed and they had in stock. Then came home and put stuff away and put coolant into the Buick, just in time for son to drive off in that.

Husband still - and it's now after noon - hasn't left to get the computer repaired. I could have gotten a lot more outside the house chores done if I hadn't been waiting on him. Now, even if I had the car I can't go anywhere - I'm waiting on that call back from my mother's doctor.

I'm getting things done, but not the highest priority things, and not according to MY plans.

Well, enough of this. Time to get back on that surf board before the next wave comes.

Frondly, Fern


  1. Oh, for crying out loud. That is a lot of...practice. The good news is that you will be very wise very soon. *nods sagely* Oh, yes.

    Good luck!


  2. Okay - Mom's still in hospital, comfortable and not dizzy when lying down. Medicare won't pay for physical therapy while she's inpatient - she has to leave the hospital, go home and be unsteady (a cousin is living with her right now, so it's manageable) and THEN get treatment. Cousin will call to make an appointment tomorrow, when Mom is likely to come home, so she can get an appt as soon as possible.

    Husband's computer is also inpatient, and hubs has paid extra down payment for faster service. Not that the repair shop we frequent (I wish we didn't have to FREQUENT them!) seemed really busy. We are to check on progress tomorrow afternoon.

    I got a bunch of things done, not in any set order, and not all of my priorities got done. But, overall, progress was made on most fronts. Except for exercising. Mom, the new highest priority, had all possible progress on, so that was good. Tomorrow I'll really need to try to build enough of a cold frame that I can dispense with the sheet being directly on the plants it's protecting. Don't know if I'll finish the entire thing.

    I'm gonna go wax the surf board (do folks still do that? I haven't watched any surfing movies since, like, forever) and get ready for tomorrow's waves.


  3. Hi Matthew.

    I was responding to a post about how a breast cancer conference in (I think) Egypt had finally agreed to let Israeli's attend. The post I responded to ended in "Pink Matzah for all!" While pink is the color here in the US used for breast cancer awareness, I was worrying that 'pink matzah' might be taken by SOME to be a reference to the Blood Libel - that Jews used the blood of non-Jewish babies to make maztot. So pink in reference to matzot made me uncomfortable.

    Does this explain my tweet?

    Frondly, Fern