Saturday, November 14, 2009

MomSaga Goes On

So, Mom has decided that home care is too expensive - it's some $900 a month more than her long term care would pay for (no inflation rider in her LTC policy). So starting tomorrow she's trying a month in an apartment in a senior living place. Does it provide enough care? Hell if I know. The rehab nursing home says no, she needs someone by her SIDE 24/7. But this would be abouto $1500 a month. Dunno what that includes. 3 meals? Dunno. Do they make sure she takes her meds? Dunno.

So, tho' I've bought a plane ticket to Chicago, I shouldn't go there at Thanksgiving during her trial month - she'll just want to come home since I'll be there. Tuesday I'll see if I can pay some small amount and change the trip to after Christmas. I'll bet that the fee for changing it will be almost as much as the ticket cost - I cannot afford to get expensive easy to change tickets. I fly Priceline when I fly. And flying is still less expensive than any other way of getting there. And, of course, takes less time as well.

But no one has been keeping me informed on decisions.

Today Mom got out of the rehab place and is in her condo till she goes to senior living tomorrow. She no longer knows WHY she needs senior living or such. Not a good sign.

Frondly, Fern


  1. wow, babes, that's tough. the costs involved in senior care leave me aghast. i recently looked up what my sleepy students at country meadows are paying for their plush digs, and it looks as if it starts at around 3 grand per month, and i'm not sure that includes meals. i'm glad she's willing to try the senior living place, though. how did she find it?

  2. Her trial digs are a Jewish place, near the orthodox grand-neices. I suppose she heard of it from their mother (cousin Judy). Now get this - I CAN'T EVEN CALL HER, nor can she call me. The trial apartment has no phone. Folks 'usually bring in their own cell phone'. Mom has no cell phone, she can't see well enough to use one.

    So I can't nag her to go to the exercise classes, or the entertainment things, etc, there.

    Frondly, Fern