Sunday, June 7, 2009

Do the Gods Have Your Back?

Blessings, Darlings!

Late last night I decided I had been WAY WAY too PC in talking about intimacy with the God/dess/es. "Oh, I want to manifest them" "Oh, I want to hear their voices".

Let me be more honest about what those vague statements really mean.


I want the God/dess/es to have my back - I want them in my corner - I want to be able to kick ass when it needs to be kicked, to know when it is time to kick ass, to know how best to kick any individual ass. That includes kicking my own ass (so I guess flexibility/gymnastic ability should be added to that list).

And in my never humble opinion, those are things you only get from the God/dess/es when you are intimate with Them. You and They have to be intimate enough for y'all to recognize each other's backs to order to cover each other's backs. You need to be intimate with the power, knowledge, etc, of any individual God or Goddess to know when you're getting that God/dess/'s power, knowledge, whatever.

Not to mention (but, clearly, I'm going to mention) if you need help from any Divine One in a hurry, you don't want to have to go thru' layers of bureaucracy. You want the direct cell phone number of the Divine One. They don't give that out to just anyone. Like all busy executives They have Their secretaries/staff handle all low level stuff. You don't get the Real Deal unless you have beein in contact for rather a while.

Ivo Dominguez, Jr., has an analogy for this - well, he really used it for aspecting, but I'm going to use it here. Say that the Dali Llama was in town. You drop him a note inviting him to dinner. Is he going to show up? Well, it depends on your relationship with him. If it's just you or me, no. If we have had a little bit of contact with him in the past we might get a note of thanks for the offer back from a secretary. More contact, and the note might be from him. If we or our office has had some level of relationship with him established, maybe one of his representatives will meet with us. Only if we have a pretty darn tight relationship would he be coming over for dinner.

So, too, with the God/dess/es. If you want the Power and Understanding (I'm in the midst of more Kabala stuff), you have to put in the time and effort and build the relationship to intimacy. Then, when you need to do emergency first aid or EMT care and you need the wisdom and skills of Asclepios you will get it fast and sure.

I admit I want the power/knowledge/etc. Sure, my ego is involved. I don't think that what I'm after is bad, I don't think that ego is bad. In fact, I'm pretty sure that powerlessness, lack of understanding, etc, are pretty bad.

And THAT is what I really mean when I said "I want to manifest the God/dess/es more clearly in my life".

Frondly, Fern

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