Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Fire Away!

 Blessings Darlings!

Ever have a time/times in your life when you have . . . not visions, but recurring thoughts about things happening?  I've had one of those times lately.

The last time this happened was just pre-covid, when the thoughts were of lockdowns, closings, and the need to build community.

This time, it was about being shot, coding out, being shocked back to life, and re-building my life to focus on different things.

Welp.  To get shot, a gun gets fired.

Today I got fired.  The job was giving me panic attacks, so I'm really good with this.  As is the Chubby Hubby, who realized the level of stress I've been under.  And since I'd already been spending lots of time considering how I'd like to change my life (including some Quality Time with An Mórrigan) I know that it's time for me to do more writing and educating (myself and others).  I've got a lot of reading to do.  I've got a few books to write.  I've got this blog, to post on more often.  I've got a boatload of letters to the editor to get out on a regular basis.  And I should learn to play an instrument. 

I had already bought a guitar and subscribed to to more newspapers to try to read daily.  Now I'm going to actually have the time to read them.  The garden will be more important too, of course, since there will be some need to re-do finances and producing more of my own food will be part of that.  And I've already started going to go out to hear live music, a pleasure that Covid had stopped.

Alas, so will be quitting my beloved Marlboro Gold cigarettes.  Unlike tea, that's an unnecessary expense.  Oddly enough, I have been drying a lot of flowers and herbs for tea this year.  This is unusual for me.

I guess the 'action items' part of the message HAD gotten thru' in advance, even if the exact circumstances hadn't.

Frondly, Fern

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