Sunday, February 13, 2022

GoodRx actually works. Sometimes.

 Blessings Darlings!

I'm going to take a moment to talk about GoodRx.  You might have seen it's ads on TV, about how it can help you get the prescription meds that you need for affordable prices.

Well, we had to try it out the other day.  Here's what happened.

The Chubby Hubby, being old, has an assortment of stuff about his body that isn't optimal.   One of them is the dreaded "I have to get up and pee once or twice overnight".  It's not something that *I* see as a critical thing, but it's his body and sometimes he has trouble getting back to sleep after getting up to pee.  Anyway -

So he sees a urologist.  No prostate issues, just the 'overactive bladder' stuff.  Fine.  Tries one drug, doesn't work.  Tries another drug, doesn't work.  Now they want him to try another drug, maybe two drugs together.  Welp, while the original drugs were cheap, especially with our AARP medicare drug coverage - these are NOT AT ALL affordable, even with the drug coverage.  Like, $300+ and $400+ per month.  

Cue freak out.  And a call to the urologist about other options due to the prices.  The nurse there says to try a different pharmacy (I'll talk about Walgreens some other post) and use GoodRx there.  He does.  The price for Expensive Drug #1 drops to under $17.  OTOH, the price for Expensive Drug #2 stays over $400.

He's getting Drug #1 and trying it out.  Expensive Drug #2 is not on our menu.

So, somewhat mixed results, but those of you who don't have drug coverage, or whose drug coverage leaves some drugs unaffordable, might get some help thru' it.  It's worth looking at.

Frondly, Fern

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