Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pinterest Pagans

Blessings Darlings!

This is a continuation of last Wednesday's blog "Consider the Source!"

There are some Pagans/Witches/Magic Users who violate my "Sources  Matter" rede all the fucking time.  They see something that tickles their Elmo in some way, and NEVER checking to see what the source is or even checking to see if it's total nonsense.  They just add it to their Pinterest/Tumblr/spam it in FB groups immediately.  They don't care if it's true or false, or if it's plagiarized, or if actually followed it can be dangerous.  The best that I can say is that they have their feelz going, but not their brains (or ethics in the case of plagiarism.)

I'm calling them Pinterest Pagans because I really like alliteration.  In my never humble opinion, they are the Becky and Chads of the Pagan/etc community. 

I've posted before about folks who try to 'buy' paganism/witchcraft by buying craploads of tools and oils and other 'stuff'.  This is another form of that - collecting random stuff from the Internet most of which they don't use.   Judging from what I've seen - 90% of the witch/pagan stuff they share is shit.  Just ... shit.  Shit with no sources cited.  Because apparently they think that everything on the Internet is true.

If they share spells and are asked details about them, it's usually clear that they never did the spell.  They can't tell you what exactly occurred when they did it.  They can't give you success/failure rates, they can't tell you why any specific item is called for.  They can't discuss the magical theory behind the spell.  They can't tell you a specific statement of intent that they used. 

IMO, Pinterest Pagan are, for the most part, uneducated and not willing to do REAL work to educate themselves.  Not willing to even investigate what they read for veracity or intelligence or reality.  They clearly don't believe that the sources matter.  To quote Isaac Asimov, they believe that "[their] ignorance is just as good as your knowledge," or equal to the knowledge of folks who have made deep study for years into what they are posting memes about. I'm not saying that *I* am an expert that they shouldn't be comparing themselves to - I'm saying that the sources I quote are the experts, in case anyone was wondering about that.

I weep for the human race. 

Frothing Fern

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