Friday, October 21, 2016

Them Minor Challenges

Blessings Darlings!

Because the Gods have a huge sense of humor ... just when I decide to start blogging more regularly, we get a computer problem.  Not on MY computer this time, but on the computer we use for development of products/customer support for our business.

So instead of doing anything proactive on, well, anything at all, I'm spending several days this week driving to, and then home from, Washington, DC.  I dropped off the computer on Monday, they MAY have it finished later today, so  I'm not sure when I'll be driving back to pick it up.

And that pick up trip that is causing a problem with Job #2.  Which I'm supposed to be at tonight. And tomorrow night.  And I don't know which of those evenings I'll still be out driving the poor beast home.

So, while I called out of Job #2 for tonight, I might be free to work tonight, but not tomorrow night, which I have NOT called out for.

Our computer repair shop is GREAT, and turns things around quickly, but some things just take time - like back ups of a computer that has this much stuff on it.  I cannot and do not fault them for any of this. 

I'm just whining.  It's my blog, after all, I can do what I want here. 

At least I can do it when I'm not driving to and from DC.

Frowning Fern

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