Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fern's Failure - Drill Press Edition

Blessings Darlings!

Today in being frugal, I figured I'd make a sprinkling can out of a used one-gallon milk jug.  Should be easy, right?  Just drill a bunch of small holes in the screw-on top to the jug.

So, I washed out the jug and headed down to the lab with the lid.  Couldn't find the chuck for the drill press, but chucks are pretty much universal so the chuck for the hand drill tightened the drill bit in place.   Find an extension cord, plug it in, and ... just an electrical hum.  No movement.

Opened the drill press up and found that the belt, sometime in the rather long while since we last used it, had ... disintegrated.  There was goo that used to be plastic, and there were some strands of whatever they had used to reinforce the plastic. 

Instead of being creative, I just got the metal wires or whatever out of the goo, and will use goo-gne or such on it, outside, sometime when the weather is nicer.  And we'll have to find the manual, find out what brand it is, and order a new belt.

So, I'll wait.  It's 33 degrees out, anyway, so I don't need a sprinkling can for outside plants immediately, anyway.

OTOH, I had HOPED to use this inside, to rinse hand-washed dishes using less water.  THAT I could have used starting right now.


Frondly, Fern

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