Friday, April 4, 2014


Blessings Darlings!

So, we moved.  Didn't want to, but the house we were renting went on the market, and the real estate agent and the owner agreed it was best to show it without a tenet.


We move into the new place.  There's a little trash in the garage, no big deal, I go to move it into the garbage can for pickup.  But ... uh oh ...

I find a mostly-used bottle of  Roundup® in the pile of trash.  Roundup® is a really nasty herbicide, kills grassy weeds and is strongly linked to breast cancer, etc.  I'm guessing that it was used at LEAST around the sides of the house (to kill grass so a weed-whacker wouldn't be needed there) and under all the bushes and in the 'bare space' by the front door, since there are no grassy weeds in those areas.

Putting herbs or food plants in any of those places is clearly out for at least this year.  I don't know how long that stuff remains around, but I have a year to investigate that.

I figure I'll container garden in that open space by the front door.  I've removed the early spring non-grassy weeds ... with a hoe.  It wasn't difficult or time consuming.

I can't even eat all those non-grassy edible weeds I've removed.  Which I find to be a bummer, too. 


Frondly, Fern

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