Monday, July 29, 2013

Fern Likes Flavor

Blessings Darlings!

Actually, the title is a bit off - while I do like flavor in my food, my husband DEMANDS it.  Except it can't be too spicy.  Or pickly-sweet.

This comes up because after I dropped the Spawn off at work, I checked the grocery store for marked-down meat.  I found rather a lot - 3.5 pounds of 'beef for stew' and two packages of pork.  We're going to have one of the packages of pork for dinner tonight.  But pork is bland by itself, so having a sauce with it came up.  I would have been happy with a white sauce (because modern pork loin is really lean and often dry), but the Chubby Hubby wanted something ... more.

He decided on a charcutiere sauce.  I'm looking at that, and thinking "cornichones?  That's going to be pickly-sweet."

Being fearless, I'm going to make it.  But only add the pickles to a bit in a small bowl and see if we like that.  I think that pickled peppers would be a better choice, and will likely try that, too.

I will probably have the results before I post this.

Results are in!  Couldn't find any cornichones, so didn't add them.  Had to thin the sauce, apparently the recipe and I had a disagreement on how reduced the liquids should be.  It was tasty, and since I DID fail on cooking the pork, it needed a sauce to cover the dryness.

We WILL use the sauce again.  Maybe I'll even succeed at tracking down cornichones.

Frondly, Fern

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