Monday, March 4, 2013

Too Windy to be Green

Blessings Darlings!

The wind is killing me today.  I'm one of those traditional types who prefers to do laundry on Mondays ... and dry it on the line.  But in winter/early spring, I can only get one load dry on the line on a GOOD day.  So I end up doing laundry pretty much every available day of the week!

So I hung today's laundry - linens.  Big top and bottom sheets, which catch the wind.  And boy is there wind today!  I had to come in to the house to put gloves on, because the wind chill while handling wet laundry was killing me.  In the 2 hours since I hung the laundry I've been out there twice to recapture what has blown off the line (and I put a LOT of clothes pins on each piece) and re-hang them.

And the wind hasn't just been screwing around with me on that.  The newspapers and cardboard I used last week to help smother grass in the area I plan to garden in have had their protective heavy mulch blown off - I've been chasing after them in my 3 acre yard (and I think I see some in my neighbor's yard as well). 

The weather folks promise that the wind will die tonight ... if I make it that long.  And if we get the promised snow storm on Wednesday, that will help settle the garden, but with rain starting on Tuesday and the storm on Wednesday, those are at least two more days I can't hang laundry. 

I'm going to get a nice HOT cup of tea now.

Frondly, Fern

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