Monday, October 22, 2012

Who Controls You?

Blessings Darlings!

So you say that you are a Witch, or Wiccan, or some other form of Magic User.  You Create Change in Conformity to Will (a phrase that goes back to, gasp, Aleister Crowley).  Or so you say .....

If you and your Will are so tight, then why can perfect strangers push your buttons and get reactions from you that cause the clerk in the store you're in to have to try to calm you down?  If you can't control yourself, and be in charge of your anger/reactions so you can choose how you act, how do you expect to control the Universe, or even do a working to help you in some smaller way?

Get it together.

Frondly, Fern


  1. And while I'm at it - let's talk about your online behavior.

    Unless someone is stalking you online to the point that you are contacting the police and the social media providers, there are almost NO reasons to block anyone. You are a MAGIC USER - use that well-developed Will of yours to ignore them.

    If you can't ignore them then you are likely not good at magic, in my never humble opinion.

  2. I am a little confuse here. What is the correlation between being a Witch, Wiccan etc, with getting angry at people in WalMart or over facebok??? Anger is an emotion that every single human will experience. I get angry all the time, with everybody. Being is control of my anger is me not punching people in the face at the store, or putting a whole through my LCD. If I don't like a post or comment in any social media venue I simply remove myself or I block that person or page and that's it. Brightest blessings

    1. Why do you have to block that person online? Why can't you just ignore them? Being able to choose to ignore others is controlling your Will.

      And what I said about people in stores is "get reactions from you that cause the clerk in the store you're in to have to try to calm you down" - that is NOT being in control of anything.

      Being a MAGIC USER is all about control of your Will. Every 'non optimal' encounter, online or off, gives you a chance IF YOU CHOOSE IT to develop your Will that much more.