Sunday, May 23, 2010

LW - Spiritual Health: Quality Time

Blessings, Darlings!

Y'all already know that I consider spiritual health a part of health, and from the posts last year that I think that we humans have to put in effort to work on our relationships with the Gods (just like we do with humans). But in the lives we now live, who has the time?

It's not like our society makes it a point to notice when the leaves of the hawthorn are the size of a squirrel's ear, and then everyone in the village prepares and we celebrate Beltane together. Now, if we're lucky, we set the dates for all celebrations for the next year at our covens/traditions retreat. And while we give some thought to coordinating with the moon for them, we mostly work on finding good weekend day, or a night when no one in the group has classes. And if our car breaks down we don't go, because nothing is within walking distance and buses don't run after rush hour or on weekends.

So ... what kind of time and effort does it take for that personal work? It varies, of course, but on the whole it's like any other endeavor - the more time/effort you put in, the more you get out.

This year I've got a few 'regularly scheduled' home rituals going: Monthly ones aimed at the health of the earth (yeah, BP is showing just how good my magic is working there) and a weekly health/blessing ritual for those who have asked for healings and protection for those in the same magical/spiritual groups I'm in (ADF, ASW, Owl Mt, AMOK, family, etc). I often to the health/protection working several times a week, as the level of need has been high.

There's daily meditation, usually after I get up and feed the cats and before I face the rest of the day. Why AFTER feeding the cats? Clearly, you who ask that aren't staff to cats!

There's invoking the blessings of the Gods on food as I cook it. There are meals that I eat trying to focus totally on being grateful to the Gods for the food and other blessings in my life (not that common, as I don't do it when I eat with the family). There are the times a day when I talk to the High Ones .... and listen and note their answers, then act on any suggestions they have for my life.

Back in the day, before I bred, I tried to put in 10% of my waking hours 'for the God/dess/es'. That included volunteering, reading meditation, rituals, everything. I might try that again some time. Right now .... not counting 'cooking time' .... if I get 45 minutes a day I'm doing really well.

I think that this week I'm going to start work on expanding this. If I increase my time put into this by 15% - that's a time increase of 6 minutes 45 seconds a day. Surely I can do that!


All of which are, of course, part of the reason that most of our spiritual work is done solo, even when we are in groups.

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