Thursday, January 21, 2010


My husband and spawn do not like beans. How can I be even a prepper, let alone my goal of being a survivalist, if my family fails one part of the beans/bullets/band-aids trinity?

There are a few ways they will condescend to down some beans. The husband will eat beans if there are some in his beef-based chili. The spawn will choke down refried beans. And green beans, rather than high-protein dried beans, are loved.

This is getting to be more and more of a problem for me as I focus more on prepping and as we struggle to pay down debt on a low income. Beans are cheap and healthy eats!

So this year I'm cooking one bean-based dish a week. Like warm potatoes and lentils in Italian dressing, or lentil vegetable soup with dumplings. Trying to get them used to eating a bean dish or two regularly.

They may never choose felafel over gyros in a Middle Eastern restaurant ... but at least when presented with red beans and rice at home, they will eventually eat it civilly. I hope.

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  1. My husband is the same way and we are getting more serious about our survivalist pantry. He does say though that if he's hungry, he won't be picky. I'm skeptical.