Sunday, August 9, 2009

Peach Season!


This is on of the most important days of the year - the day I hit the farmer's market and the Ungers have fresh peaches. Oh, I suppose they might have had them last week when I was out of town, but c'mon - this blog is all about Fern (sorry, Suz).

The Ungers grow the most amazing fruits and veggies. Great flavor, lovely stuff. Cherries, beans, plums, green beans, peppers, are all wonderful. But their PEACHES are amazing beyond words. I bought two boxes (10 peaches) of seconds, which came to about $1.25 a pound. Yes, about 25 cents a pound more than grocery store sale price peaches. But these are from the UNGERS - we are all blown away by the flavor, and the heck with the tiny cosmetic flaws!

Being broke I didn't buy enough for us to each eat one a day, let alone enough for me to bake with or can. Might do some canning later, if $ allows. But I have 4 jars of peaches left from last year .... no, I HAD 4 jars left from last year. I only have 2 jars now. For I just made peach cobbler out of two of the surviving cans. And my husband is so happy with it that I might have to make more this week. Or make a cobbler of the canned cherries.

Life is sweet.

Frondly, Fern

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  1. i didn't think i'd do much with peaches this year. but then one of the farmers on the vocal locals list said they had organic peaches along with a plea to come take their monster zukes, so i had to oblige. i got a peck of red...something beginning with H...peaches and dear gods, ambrosia could not be any better. i made a stunning peach cobbler with disappeared almost immediately. there's a bowl of strawberries, bings and peaches waiting for my post-starlight-swim snackie, and i'll probably slice and freeze the rest for my winter smoothies. it was $13 for a peck. i have no clue if that's a good price or not, but they would have been worth more.
    i've got canned peaches and cherries left from last summer too. guess i oughter consider cobblerizing them.
    i got some small tender zukies and sauteed some tonight with fantastic fingerling potatoes, a sweet onion, garlic and a lot of herbs, in olive oil. mmmmm. i'll grate the monsters and freeze 'em for bread when i go into winter martha stewart mode.
    it really sucks that i didn't do my usual summer weight loss this year. i feel a lot o' good cooking coming on this winter.
    hey fernie! i'm trying my hand at saving seeds from the good organic veggies this year. i've got black prince tomato seeds drying on a paper towel. there's a fair bit of pulp with them. do i have to try and extract their tiny selves from the pulp, or once it's all dry can i just roll up the paper towel and ziploc the whole shebang?
    why is your journal not all about moi?????????