Monday, August 31, 2009

Fans Are My Friends

So are air conditioners.

I've spent the last few weeks with more hotflashes than I've had in YEARS. I had my first hot flash maybe 8 years ago, but they had fallen off my radar for the past couple of years. While I had a hysterectomy two years back, I had the doctor leave the ovaries behind.

I planned on a nice, gentle continued slide down the hormonal mountain. The past few weeks have NOT been nice or gentle. I'm not sweating thru' my clothes or sheets or anything, but I'm spending lots of time red and flushed. Like taking niacin for high cholesterol but without the itchiness/skin irritation. [Note - I am NOT taking my niacin for my cholestrol/triglycerides for a while, I don't need the hot flashes compounded!]

Of course all this started during a heat/humidity attack here in the swamp that Washington DC is. Today is cool, and the humidity is low - but the hot flashes go on. They are just less compounded by the weather.

When I was having hot flashes a few years ago I considered spending the winter sleeping in a tent in the back yard, and figured that if there was snow it would all melt back at least 3 feet from the tent. This time I'm considering simply not heating the house in the winter, and using my body as an alternative and green source of heat.

Think I can sell the husband and spawn on that idea?

Frondly, Fern

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  1. oh gawds, my hot flashes are very rare and intermittent these days, especially compared to how they plagued me in my early-mid 40s. i hope they don't come back on me!